Privacy Policies

INTERNAL LODGING REGULATION ARTICLE I. These regulations are binding for both HOTEL QUINTA ELVIRA located at Calle Tabachin # 26, Col. Bellavista CP 62130, Cuernavaca, Morelos, as well as the guests who hire its services.

ARTICLE II. All guests who contract the hotel services must show their identification to be able to use the rooms and facilities that the agreed rent or rate entitles them to.

ARTICLE III. All guests must fill out or corroborate their data on the registration card, accepting the conditions that it dictates, in terms of (but not limited to) the dates of stay, rate payable, payment methods and other indications that it indicates by agreeing through its sign to accept the general and particular terms of your stay.

ARTICLE IV. The guest has the right to use his room from 3:00 pm on the announced date of arrival until 12:00 pm on the agreed day of departure. The hotel reserves the right to modify the hours mentioned in each particular case when due to force majeure or operational reasons the room is not ready in a timely manner. If the guest has a delay in the delivery / departure of their room, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the delay time according to the current rates and subject to change without prior notice. If the guest wishes to make changes to their departure times or dates, or requires more time to use the room, they should check the availability and rates available at reception.

ARTICLE V. The rooms that are occupied must be previously settled or guaranteed by credit card or confirmation / reservation ballot issued by authorized third-party sales channels. The hotel obtains the right to verify the credit card as guarantee granted in the reservation to maintain the guarantee and respect the spaces subject to the reservation policies included in the confirmation of each and every one of the reservation channels involved. in the management of such reservation.

ARTICLE VI. The guest is obliged to pay all the charges that have been generated during his stay, including damage to facilities at the prices that the Hotel has for replacement or repair concepts. The hotel has the power to charge the credit card as a guarantee for late charges.

ARTICLE VII. The hotel has the power to request alternative forms of payment from the guest when the one granted in reservation or check in does not have sufficient funds, or when during the stay, more charges have been registered than those indicated by the credit limit. Likewise, after seven days, the account will be cut after notifying the guest in the case of prolonged stays beyond that period.

ARTICLE VIII. The Hotel has a Civil Liability insurance, according to NOM-07-TUR-2002. When a guest makes use of the hotel’s internal parking lot, he will have the option of parking it himself or requesting his receipt. The Hotel has a parking lot outside the facilities 24 hours a day, in which the vehicle may be guarded by the same guest or a member of the Hotel team. When the guest enters his vehicle to the internal parking lot of the Hotel, he will be forced to leave the keys at Reception. In both cases, the Hotel is not responsible for partial damages or objects not reported on arrival for any parking.

ARTICLE IX. The guest’s companions are not allowed to enter the Hotel facilities, unless they have authorization from the General Management or person in charge in turn, and must be registered on the corresponding card and covering the proportional part of the agreed rate or extra person, be it whatever the case.

ARTICLE X. The Hotel keeps its rates displayed in a visible manner at the Reception for the knowledge of the guest, as indicated by NOM-010-TUR-2001.

ARTICLE XI. In the event that the guest becomes ill due to causes not attributable to the Hotel or without any evidence, he may be treated in his own room by the Hotel doctor. The Hotel will not be able to prescribe or grant medications of any kind, so it is the guest’s responsibility to consume them. Even so, the Hotel has a first aid kit. Any charge generated by medical care and the respective transfer, if required, will be the responsibility of the guest in case of illness that exempts the establishment.

ARTICLE XII. The Hotel does not accept underage guests or visitors or pets with the exception of those who assist people with disabilities, so the Hotel reserves the right to deny rooms under these circumstances.

ARTICLE XIII. The guest is obliged to leave the key at reception upon departure. Likewise, it is suggested to leave it when the guest is still staying but leaves the Hotel facilities. If the guest loses the key, he will be credited with a charge for this concept.

ARTICLE XIV. The Hotel is equipped with fire extinguishers and other security instruments for rational and responsible use under the threat of an accident. If one of them is noticed, the guest must issue the corresponding notice to any member of the Hotel staff.

ARTICLE XV. The guest is obliged to behave with decency and morality within the Hotel facilities, for which he assumes the obligation to respect the other guests and employees under good customs and the hours of the consumption centers and common areas. High volume is not allowed inside and outside the rooms as well as the use of these for illicit acts, smoking in those areas prohibited for that purpose and making excessive noise in any part of the Hotel.

ARTICLE XVI. The entry of food and beverages outside the Hotel is strictly prohibited, except in the case of events, whose contract will contain alternative and exclusive policies.

ARTICLE XVII. The Hotel reserves the right of admission to guests or people who are intoxicated or under the influence of any narcotic, maintaining the power to go to the competent authorities in the event that the integrity of any person (s) or facilities are exposed by such behaviors.

ARTICLE XVIII. The Hotel does not discriminate against employees or guests on the basis of religion, socio-economic condition, sexual orientation, gender or nationality.

ARTICLE XIX. The music is provided by the Hotel, so it is not allowed to use devices outside the establishment in terms of background music. Likewise, the selection of music and its volume will be controlled exclusively by its staff.

ARTICLE XX. The luggage and other goods that are introduced to the establishment will constitute an additional guarantee of payment in case of debt or lack of sufficient funds to cover the consumption of goods and / or services by the Hotel.

ARTICLE XXI. The linens, utensils, accessories, furniture and other objects, materials, ingredients and operating equipment are the exclusive property of the Hotel. Any damage or lack thereof due to and prejudice of the guest will be a reason for a charge corresponding to the value that the establishment has.

ARTICLE XXII. The rooms have a safe for the protection of the guests' property. The hotel is not responsible for any value not deposited in it.

ARTICLE XXIII. Failure to comply with these Regulations by the guest will be cause for termination of the accommodation contract without legal liability for the company.